10 Ways to Spread Kindness on Campus | Lackawanna College


10 Ways to Spread Kindness on Campus

Living in a world of negativity, Random Acts of Kindness Day reminds us that we should be spreading joy and kindness throughout our community. These acts of kindness do not need to be extreme – a simple smile and wave to a stranger can go a long way. How can you spread kindness throughout Lackawanna College’s campus? Here are 10 ways to bring some joy to your fellow Falcons:

  1. Hold the door for someone.
  2. Bring in a snack for your classmates.
  3. Give a compliment to a stranger.
  4. Pay for someone’s meal at the Falcons Nest.
  5. Tell your professor “thank you” at the end of class.
  6. Invite someone to a campus event.
  7. Leave a nice note at a classmate’s desk.
  8. Help someone pick up items they dropped.
  9. Post positive notes around campus.
  10. Ask someone how their day is going.

According to Christina Hinton of Harvard Graduate School of Education “happiness is predicted by students’ satisfaction with school culture and [their] relationship with students and peers.” She further went on to state that kindness can be positively associated with a heightened motivation for their studies and as a result obtaining higher GPA’s.

On this Random Acts of Kindness Day, make sure to follow our guide to spread happiness throughout campus. Kindness goes a long way to not only bring joy to your peers, but to inspire everyone to work hard towards their education.