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    Lackawanna CollegeCurrent NewsEvents9 Ways You Can Help Save The Environment Every Day

    9 Ways You Can Help Save The Environment Every Day


    When you think about global warming, it’s incredibly overwhelming. Don’t worry, here are 9 tips on how to go green and help save our planet, one step at a time:

    1. E-textbooks

    Don’t pay for expensive printed textbooks if they’re available online. Download e-textbooks to your tablet or laptop. Not only is this saving the environment, but it saves you some cash.

    2. Reusable grocery bags

    The next time you go shopping, bring a reusable grocery bag.  Some stores will event give you a discount for using one.

    2. Unplug Electronics

    All of your chargers use electricity even when they’re not connected. The same is true of other appliances. Unplug anything that doesn’t need to charge or put your chargers on a power strip and just turn the power strip off.

    4. Use cold water

    If you use cold water instead of hot when washing your clothes, you can save six and a half pounds of carbon emissions per load. Cold water also makes your clothes last longer. It’s a win-win!

    5. Reusable water bottles

    Let’s face it, who wants to pay for water? I mean, it’s everywhere! Get yourself a reusable water bottle and refill it with free water throughout the day. It saves money, keeps you hydrated, and reduces plastic waste.

    6. Don’t drive

    Reduce your carbon footprint by riding your bike, walking, or carpooling.

    7. Go vegetarian

    You don’t have to go full vegetarian, but the meat industry is responsible for nearly one-fifth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Reduce your intake of meat to a few days a week. You’ll feel better, and so will the environment.

    8. Take shorter showers

    By reducing your shower time by just two minutes, you can save as much as 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere.

    9. Recycle

    Recycling is the easiest way to go green. When you’re in the cafeteria or in the hallways going to class, toss your recyclables in the recycling containers around campus.

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