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    Tutoring Services

    Why Should I Request a Tutor?

    Sometimes students need additional assistance in understanding academic concepts, which can lead to additional stress in the classroom. If you are feeling overwhelmed or would like additional help in understanding classroom concepts, please seek out the Student Success Center for assistance. Through a cooperative, interactive learning experience, Lackawanna College Tutorial Services assists students in becoming independent learners who can then go on to achieve their personal goals. Professional, peer, individual, and group tutoring sessions are available free of charge to currently registered students.

    How do I Access Tutoring Services?

    To schedule an appointment, click on the scheduling button, sign up for an account, and select Tutoring Services in the drop-down box. Then sign your name in a blank white space next to the desired type of tutoring you would like.

    Tutoring Services are located in the SSC in Room 105, Angeli Hall. Our Student Success and Tutoring Coordinator’s office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 – 4:00. You can contact the Coordinator of Tutoring by emailing

    For more information, visit Tutoring Services on the portal.