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    Resident Assistants

    Resident Assistants at Lackawanna College serve as role models for their fellow students and as campus leaders to assist College staff members.

    In the Fall 2018 semester, Lackawanna College will launch its pilot RA program in Seeley Hall, 406 N. Washington Ave., a co-ed residence hall that is less than two blocks from nearly every building on our Scranton campus. The College is seeking at least three motivated students to shape the future of this program.

    Your role on campus can help us build a vibrant community for all of our students in Scranton!

    Interested students may download the Resident Assistant Application (PDF) and return it to the following Housing & Residence Life staff members:

    Jeff Krisiak
    Director of Student Engagement and Housing
    Angeli Hall, Suite 105

    Bill Roditski
    Residence Hall Director
    McKinnie Hall

    Tasha Saint-Louis
    Residence Hall Director
    Tobin Hall

    • Resident Assistants will serve in their role for the entire academic year, not on a semester-by-semester basis.
    • RAs will help ensure that their residence hall floors operate efficiently and aligned with the policies of the College and the Housing & Residence Life Office.
    • RAs must remain in good standing with the College, including maintaining a 2.5 cumulative GPA and remaining registered as a full-time student.
    • RAs are expected to have a functioning cell phone and to have their room number available to their residents, public safety, and housing staff members.
    • Prior to moving in for the Fall and Spring semesters, all RAs must be cleared by the Business Office, Financial Aid, and Public Safety.
    • Resident Assistants must attend all training and in-service sessions in April, August, and January.
    • Additional staff meetings and other staff development opportunities may be scheduled.

    Significant time, enthusiasm, energy, and commitment are necessary for all Resident Assistants.

    • RAs need to limit their enrollment in night classes when possible.
    • RAs may be away from campus no more than 4 days per month. A day away is classified as being off-campus for more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period. Resident Directors must be consulted if an RA intends to spend a day away from campus.
    • All staff members, including RAs, must be present for the opening of housing in August and January, as well as the closing of housing in December and May.
    • RAs are expected to read, know, and enforce the policies outlined in the Student Handbook.
    • It is important for RAs to build strong relationships with their residents to promote a positive atmosphere on campus.
    • Each RA is required to be part of the duty schedule to perform rounds and ensure building security.
    • RAs must attend bi-weekly staff meetings.
    • RAs are expected to respect the individual privacy and confidential nature of information that is given to them by students and staff.

    Each RA will have the cost of their room automatically deducted from their bill each semester as compensation for their successful participation in the RA program at Lackawanna College.

    Each RA is required to register and pay for their own meal plan.