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    Presidential Transition

    • Dr. Jill A. Murray and Teddy Delaney Talk Esports on The Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff

      Lackawanna College Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Jill A. Murray and Esports Program Administrator Teddy Delaney join Marty Wolff on the Business Builders Show to discuss the overall growth of and the business of esports programs and events. Jill, Teddy and Marty discuss strategy, content and the roles of entrepreneurs and organizers. Hear about......
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    • What is a ‘Work College’?

      At Lackawanna College, we are constantly evaluating innovative ideas on college affordability and alleviating student debt. As we look at alternative ways to think about financing college, one possible pathway is to offer a kind of ‘work college’ experience. At a traditional ‘work college’, students perform essential institutional functions in every area imaginable on their......
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    • Why?

      Over the past decades, higher education has been criticized as out of touch, too expensive, increasingly irrelevant and a dinosaur industry. Colleges and universities across the nation strive to remain vital and meaningful entities that contribute to the public good. As more colleges and universities close every year, those remaining continue to evolve and fight......
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    • FALC: Success On and Off the Field

      Lackawanna College’s football team will make history this week as the first local team to play for a collegiate football national championship. As a college community, we could not be prouder of the young men who worked extremely hard all season or of the football program that shaped them. Let’s face it. Sometimes the stereotypes......
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    • The People Have Spoken…Now What?

      Last week, the people of Scranton elected its first independent and first female mayor. In other races, the people elected its first openly gay councilwoman and made significant changes to the Scranton School Board. Change is afoot! Now what? On the Upswing Scranton is in a strong and unique position. From a fiscal perspective, things......
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    • Anything but Politics or Religion…

      The social context of the last several years has made politics an almost taboo discussion around family dinner tables, parties, and social or professional events. As we enter a political season of negative ads, rallies, omnipresent signs, and a plethora of accusations slung from all fronts, it seems like, collectively, we might be able to......
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    • Free College

      The idea of free public college to qualified students sounds amazing! No student loans, no debt to pay back, students could be financially free and clear. Students would benefit greatly from this initiative, right? Not as much as you might expect. Community College Offers Tuition-Free Pathways Many community colleges have created tuition-free pathways for lower-income......
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    • Peanut Butter and Jelly

      Some things just go together like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, cookies and milk. Seemingly disconnected (very good) things join together to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. In higher ed, we are constantly thinking about how to make the academic experience outstanding, about how to connect apparently separate......
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    • The Education Superheroes: A Note to Faculty and Teachers

      It’s easy to comment on all the things education could do better, all the ways our school system, individual schools, or specific classrooms fail to meet our expectations. As parents, community members, and administrators, it’s easy to point out the test scores we’d like to see, the policies we think need changing, and the list......
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    • Connecting the Dots

      The journey As Henry Amoroso gave his last briefing to the Scranton Chamber and other officials on August 21, the financial consultant touted the welcoming nature of the City of Scranton and its incredible citizens.  He gave us hope. In 2014 when Mr. Amoroso’s firm was hired to help figure out how a city on......
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