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Admissions Policy

Freshmen Students

  • Submit an Application for Admission
    Non-degree seeking students must submit a non-refundable $35 application fee payable to Lackawanna College. There is no application fee for degree-seeking students.
  • Submit an official high school transcript or official GED (diploma or scores).
    If currently a high school senior, the applicant may be accepted before graduation but must ensure that his/her final transcript is on file no later than thirty (30) days following graduation. Official high school transcripts must show all four years grades along with the students’ graduation date.
  • Submit official SAT/ACT Test Scores
    Although not required for acceptance to Lackawanna College, standardized test scores will be evaluated for placement purposes. Students who have earned acceptable scores in each section of the SAT/ACT will not be required to take the College’s assessment exams. Alternatively, students who have not achieved these scores or have not taken the SAT/ACT’s will be required to take the assessment exams.
  • Complete an Admissions Interview
    The admissions interview will allow each candidate to visit campus, determine individual educational goals, and complete assessment testing (if required) and to finalize all enrollment requirements. Applicants will not be officially accepted to the College until they complete all of the above-mentioned admissions requirements.
  • Submit commitment fee
    Once an applicant has completed all of their admissions requirements, an official acceptance letter will be issued via mail to confirm the status of the prospect. At this time each prospective student wishing to confirm their enrollment must submit a non-refundable Commitment Fee ($100 for Commuters/$375 for Residents). This commitment fee will guarantee a place in the freshman class and allow for further processing of enrollment and financial aid paperwork.
Visiting Students and Special Transfers
Students from other institutions of higher education may wish to complete coursework as a visiting student at Lackawanna College with the intention of transferring the completed course(s) to their home institution. Lackawanna welcomes student visitors from other institutions and works to fully accommodate their needs.

Procedures for the course enrollment include a visit to our admissions office to complete the college application and other required paperwork. Visiting students also need to provide written documentation for approval from their home institution in order to enroll in college courses. These students are only required to pay the application fee. The fee must be paid each time a student re-enrolls.

Upon completion of the coursework, it is the student’s responsibility to request their transcripts be forwarded to their home institution. All non-degree applicants without proper verification from their home institution must follow the standard application procedures for matriculating students.

Students registering for classes under this classification are not eligible to receive any financial aid.


  • Application
  • $35 Application fee (cannot be waived for Non-Degree)
  • Written approval from home institution

The following items must be obtained from the Admissions Office upon submission of application and completed for enrollment:

  • Non-Matriculant Registration
Non-Matriculating Students or Special Non-Degree
Any new student seeking to take only one course will be allowed to register as a non-matriculating (Special Non-Degree student) by completing a college application. All non-matriculating students are required to pay the College application fee.

Applicants may register only once as a non-degree student. Upon registration for a subsequent three-credit course, the student will be required to enroll as a degree-seeking student and follow standard college procedure for enrollment.

Any new student registering for six credits or more during any semester must complete the matriculating application process and pay all required fees unless they have approval from another higher education institution.

All prospective students must abide by the course prerequisites as outlined in the College Catalog, and the assessment scores, either external or in-house, are necessary for determination of developmental prerequisites for specified courses.

Students registering for classes under this classification are not eligible to receive any financial aid.


  • Application
  • $35 Application fee (cannot be waived for Non-Degree)
  • Proof of ability for courses with pre-requisites

The following items must be obtained from the Admissions Office upon submission of application and completed for enrollment:

  • Non-Matriculant Registration
High school transcript validity evaluation policy
As a direct response to the increase in the number of online high school diploma issuing companies (Diploma Mills), the federal government has suggested that each Title IV issuing college or university develop a standard policy to better identify valid high school transcripts.

While we are fully aware that a traditional high school degree may not be obtainable for all, we strongly suggest completing a state issued G.E.D. as an alternative if the traditional high school completion option is not realistic. Lackawanna College does not accept GEDs or equivalency diplomas from private vendors/companies.

In our policy, you will find some standard items that we look for as we are attempting to certify the validity of a high school transcript.

Below are some key items that must be listed on the high school transcript for the College to certify it as valid:

  • Name, address and phone number of the high school from which you graduated
  • Four (4) years of high school credits
  • Graduation date
  • School seal and/or signature of school official
  • High school diplomas may only be used for verification of high school completion if special circumstances prevent the submission of the official high school transcript

There are also some key items that the college will look for in determining the validity of an online diploma:

  • Was the diploma obtained from an online high school that does not operate in the state of the applicant’s primary residence?
  • Did the student pay a sum of money (other than standard transcript request fee) in order to obtain the diploma?
  • Was any work required in obtaining the diploma and can the student show proof of the work that was completed?
  • Is the high school accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools or another equivalent accrediting body?
  • Is the diploma recognized or approved in the state from which it was granted?

For any applicant that has completed the GED, please note that Lackawanna College will only review and honor state-issued GEDs. We do not accept any equivalency work or certificates that were completed online.

Lackawanna College does reserve the right to be cautious in accepting high school transcripts that may not meet the requirements as put forth by the federal government in helping to determine eligibility for Title IV funding.

Please contact the Lackawanna College Admissions Office for a complete analysis of any high school transcripts/diplomas or with any questions you may have regarding your diploma.

Transcripts and other all other enrollment documents submitted for review will become the property of Lackawanna College and cannot be returned to the applicant.