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Workforce Development

Lackawanna College is committed to assisting regional employers in identifying education and training that meets their unique hiring needs.

We design and deliver impactful training solutions and educational certificate programs to meet the needs of employers in numerous sectors, including healthcare, advanced manufacturing, logistics and transportation, finance and insurance, and the trades – and other emerging sectors, too.

The goal is to provide employers and their current and prospective employees with ample opportunities to learn more, be more competitive, and grow within their labor markets. Businesses that don’t grow with the times are destined to fall behind.

Enrolling in Lackawanna College’s workforce development courses is an excellent way to stay current and develop skills needed to grow and prosper.

What Kinds of Workforce Development Courses Do We Offer?

At Lackawanna College, it’s our mission to allow more people to afford a quality education that helps them get jobs in dynamic and thriving industries.

Healthcare is one such sector for which we offer many training courses. There’s always a need for employees in healthcare and our development classes can help students to meet those needs. From nurses’ aide training to medical billing courses, students can find great skill attainment that helps them become more employable.

Manufacturing is another market sector that always needs qualified employees. This industry focuses on how goods get made and keeps the economy stays afloat. Many valuable courses specific to manufacturing are available from Lackawanna’s repertoire of manufacturing training sessions.

Then there are the sectors of finance, insurance, logistics, transportation and the trades. All of these are also vital to the success of our overall economy. These industries make real differences in our daily lives, and they are always improving to become even more efficient and effective.

We are proud to offer workforce development training in all these areas.

The Benefits of Workforce Development

Workforce development courses help everyone in business. Employees gain the skills they need to advance in their companies or overall industries and ultimately enjoy more fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Employers benefit from this, as well. Their teams will possess the skills to become more productive, and when those employees are able to add more value, they will be happier in their roles. That will lead to decreased employee turnover and an increase in overall productivity. Employees will also feel more confident about thinking on their own and making suggestions about how their employer can do things better – all thanks to training from Lackawanna College.

Customized Industry Training

Continuing education at Lackawanna College specializes in customized training that is specifically designed for your business. Together, we create a true partnership and craft solutions for the unique people and performance challenges of your business. Our training solutions build a foundation for high-functioning teams and an organizational culture that works!

Enroll in Lackawanna College’s Workforce Development Training

Lackawanna College’s workforce development training courses help employers and employees to better themselves and their companies by learning the skills of the future. We are happy to provide these valuable skills to the hard workers of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Enroll in our workforce development training today!

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