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Information Technology

The Lackawanna College Information Technology department recognizes the important role that technology plays in the overall success of our students. The department strives to provide students, faculty, and staff with exceptional resources and support that are essential in achieving academic and professional goals.

Student Portal

The Student Portal provides information about what is happening on campus along with how to register for courses, pay tuition, access course material, obtain grades, and view schedules and unofficial transcripts.

If you have lost your login information, visit Password Assistance.

Falcons Email

Students will be provided with an official Falcons email account to communicate with their instructors. The standard email address is Your password is the same as your portal password. If you are unsure of your email account, please contact or visit Password Assistance.

Wireless Access

Wireless access is available across the Scranton campus. To access the Internet, open the available wireless networks and connect to You will be prompted for your portal username and password. To obtain your login information, go to Password Assistance.

Dorm Students

Both wired and wireless high-speed Internet access is available in dorm rooms. Please refer to the Dorm Network Policy for further information.

Emergency Notifications

The Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS) has been put in place as a means of informing the College community in the event of an emergency. It can also be set to notify you of cancellations or delays.

Purchasing Programs

Lackawanna College participates in the JourneyED Select program, a partnership that allows students and faculty to purchase academic software at discounted prices for educational purposes.

Need Help?

Contact the Information Technology department.

Important Info

Contact Us

On-call support
(570) 955-1500

Computer Lab Locations

Room 210 in Angeli hall is a dedicated student computer lab.

All other labs are available when rooms are open and class is not in session.

Angeli Hall

  • Room 208 – 24 computers
  • Room 209 – 24 computers
  • Room 213 – 17 computers
  • Student Affairs Resource Center, Suite 105 – 7 computers

Seeley Hall

  • Library Lab – 22 computers

Computer Policies

Information on the College’s Computing and Network Resource Policy and Copyright Policies and Guidelines can be found in the Student Handbook.

Information Technology FAQ

How can I get my password for Lackawanna College’s Portal?

Visit the Password Assistance page on the student portal. From there, you will be able to send an e-mail to your personal e-mail address if you provided us with one. If you did not provide us with a personal e-mail address, click on Help on the main tab, or send an e-mail to

How can I get my Grades and/or Student Schedule?

First, make sure you have your portal password. Then, after you sign in, click on the Academics tab. If there is an “Access Suspended” message at the top of the page, then you will need to call the phone number before you can see the Academics tab.

What is my Falcons e-mail username?

Your Falcons username is your first name, a period, and then your last name, John.Smith, for example. Your full e-mail address is

How do I log into my Falcons e-mail?

We are very excited to introduce a new “Single Sign on” process. Simply visit and enter your full Falcons e-mail address ( and your password. You will be logged in to both the online campus and Falcons e-mail. Click Falcons E-Mail in the lower left section of your screen under Quick Links. If you need assistance with your Falcons account, send an e-mail to

Where can I print out something for my classes?

You may print in the Angeli Hall computer labs in rooms 208, 209, and 210, if there are no classes. You can also print in the Library located in the basement of Seeley Hall.

I have Microsoft Works / Microsoft Office 2010 on my home computer/laptop. Will my files work in the labs?

Only in the right file format. When saving your document, make sure you save the document as a .rtf (Rich Text File) or .txt (Text Document). These are universally compatible with most word processors, including all of those on campus.

My USB drive is not working in the labs. How do I fix it?

You cannot have a USB Device that attempts to install something or runs software to prompt for a password. These drives install applications that block you from using files in a regular manner. Uninstall the software on the device and use it as a plain USB and you will be ok.

What are the hours that the computer labs in Angeli Hall are open?

You may use the labs when it is open and class is not in session. Check the sign on the computer lab door for class times.

Who should I contact if the Internet in my dorm isn’t working?

Please complete a Dorm Work Request found on the Residence Life page of the portal.

Are there wireless networks on campus that are supported by Lackawanna College?

There is a wireless network in all buildings of the Scranton Campus.

Can I use my gaming console online in the dorms?

No. Due to security and bandwidth reasons, we cannot allow gaming devices to connect to the Internet. You can play over the LAN with other people from your dorm.

How do I get my Student ID Card?

ID cards are available from the Public Safety Department. For commuter students, a card is issued at orientation and is good throughout your enrollment. Resident students are issued new cards each year, as the cards are also used for meal service. There is an fee of up to $50 to replace your card.

I registered for an online course. Now what?

You can view the Online Student Manual for a comprehensive guidebook and also view the helpful videos located on the portal.

Who can I call for computer support?

The IT Department has launched a 24/7 help line at (570) 955-1500. You may also e-mail

Why can I not get Skype to connect?

The only open ports on both the wired and wireless networks are ports 80 and 443. Please set Skype to use either of those ports on the connections tab through tools then options.