Lackawanna Academic Passport Program | Lackawanna College

Academic Passport Program

Lackawanna College participates in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s Academic Passport program with the 14 universities that comprise the State System of Higher Education:

Lackawanna students earning either an Associate in Science degree or an Associate in Arts degree will be admitted to a Pennsylvania State System university upon transfer under the “Academic Passport.” Credits earned by Lackawanna graduates transferring with an Associate in Applied Science degree will be individually reviewed and evaluated.

While the Academic Passport guarantees transfer to any state system university, it only assures admission to the university; it does not guarantee acceptance into a specific program, i.e., education, nursing.

All application deadlines and program specific requirements apply. Therefore, a candidate should submit an application before the university’s deadline and should be aware of various program requirements.

Further information regarding the “Academic Passport” privilege is available from the Director of Advising and Transfer Services.