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Presidential Transition Blog

Dr. Jill A. Murray was announced as the incoming ninth president of Lackawanna College on June 7, 2019, by a Board of Trustees appointment.

Join the discussion about Dr. Murray’s evolving plans for the College through our Presidential Blog. Every two weeks beginning Monday, Aug. 5, 2019, Dr. Murray and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Erica Barone Pricci will examine the College’s role in the community, our responsibility to solve problems outside our institution, and what the future will bring to Lackawanna and its students.

Our Authors

Dr. Jill A. Murray

Dr. Murray brings a breadth of experience to her presidency at Lackawanna College. From 2008-2012, Dr. Murray operated as the College’s vice president of academic affairs, where she was responsible for developing and overseeing all of Lackawanna College’s academic curricula. Dr. Murray is the catalyst behind Lackawanna College’s esports program and assisted with the formation of the Level Up program.

During her time at Lackawanna, Dr. Murray has helped double the student population, increase student retention and graduation rates, expand online learning options, lead the creation of academic programming and support services as well as implement a strategic planning process.

Murray holds a B.A. in philosophy (University of Scranton, 1989), M.A. in philosophy (SUNY at Albany, 1991) and a Ph.D. in Human Development (Marywood University, 2006).

Fun facts: Dr. Murray has great stories from her time as a UPS driver and will find any excuse to wear jeans.

Dr. Erica Barone Pricci

Dr. Barone Pricci serves as the Vice President for Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Lackawanna College. Under her leadership, the College has undergone numerous innovations, including the launch of its first bachelor’s degree programs. She was integral in the formation of the Level Up program and the formation of the Center for Teaching and Learning, which provides critical professional development for new faculty to help ease the transition to higher education and assist in developing effective teaching practices, as well as ongoing development for experienced educators. Dr. Barone Pricci also helped launch of the College’s learning studios.

Dr. Barone Pricci has improved student outcomes and enhanced the academic experience during her time at Lackawanna College. She has also helped encourage faculty-administrative relations and provided opportunities for faculty and staff to explore new initiatives.

Dr. Barone Pricci holds a B.A. in English (Marywood University), an M.A. in English (Lehigh University) and a Ph.D. in Human Development with a concentration in Higher Education Administration (Marywood University).

Fun facts: Dr. Barone Pricci is the proud mom of her son Vincie and cat Fuzzy, and she can usually be found with a can of sparkling water in hand.