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    Lackawanna College

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    Rent the Theater

    Lackawanna College hosts a variety of arts- and community-related events throughout the year.

    Following are the technical specifications for the Theater at Lackawanna College. For more information or rental options, please contact Jim Cullen at (570) 961-7864.

    Seating capacity

    Orchestra: 629

    Balcony: 414

    Total: 1043

    View the Theater Seating Chart (PDF)

    Stage size

    Width: 39 feet 10 inches

    Depth: 22 feet 8 inches

    Height: 25 feet

    Wing and fly space are limited.


    • 96 programmable dimmers for stage lighting
    • 24 dimmers for house lighting
    • 82 lighting instruments: Ellipsoidals and PAR-4 type

    Available sound system

    • Midas Venice 320 Mixing Console
    • SLS PLS 8695 Powered Line Array Loudspeakers (two)
    • Mackie SWA-1801 Subwoofers (two)
    • JBL MR925 Speakers (two)
    • Yamaha SM12V Monitor Speakers (two)
    • Mackie SRM-450 Powered Speakers (Monitor) (two)
    • QSC USA 900 Power Amp (two)
    • T.C. Electronics M1 Effects Processor
    • T.C. Electronics D2 Digital Delay
    • Presonus ACP-88 Dynamics Processor
    • Denon-C550 R CD Player/Recorder
    • General in-house Microphone Package (including wireless capability with stands and cabling)


    The Theater is equipped with an Allen Organ.


    Sony VPL-FX 52 with a long throw lens.


    Baldwin 9ft. Concert Grand Piano