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    Lackawanna College

    Continuing Education

    Paramedic Training

    Lackawanna’s Paramedic Training program combines classroom education with intensive clinical and field internships. The program is 1,704 hours, which consists of 628 hours of classroom instruction and 872 hours of clinical/field experience.

    The program can be transferred into 34 Lackawanna College credits for students who enroll in the College’s Emergency Medical Services associate degree program. Students will receive the 34 transfer credits after completing the program.

    To participate, individuals must already be certified as Emergency Medical Technicians. At least one year of experience as an EMT is recommended, but not required. Paramedic courses are taught by experienced personnel including doctors, paramedics, and nurses.

    The day-time paramedic course meets six days a week for two semesters from August to July. Three days of the week are spent in the classroom from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., one day each week is spent in the laboratory from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and the final two days are spent in hospital and field clinical setting at times that are individually arranged.

    The evening paramedic class meets for one full year, normally from 5 to 9:30 p.m.. Three days a week are spent in the classroom, one day each week is in the laboratory, and the final two days are spent in clinical settings at times that are individually arranged.

    Classes are held in Healey Hall, 415 N. Washington Ave., on the College’s Scranton campus.

    Program goal

    To prepare competent entry-level Emergency Medical Technician Paramedics in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills) and affective (behavioral) learning domains.


    To be admitted, applicants must:
    •Be at least 18 years of age at the start of the program.
    •Be an EMT, preferably, with one year’s experience preferred.
    •Submit an admissions application and a copy of their medical insurance, driver’s license, and proof of current EMT, proof of current CPR, and their high school diploma or GED Certificate and any college transcripts.
    •Complete a personal health history form and submit a physical examination form completed and signed by a family physician with immunizations dates listed verified on the health history form (page 5 of application).
    •Complete and submit results from an FBI-fingerprint background check without disqualifying results.
    •Complete and submit results from a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance check without disqualifying results.
    •Complete and submit results from a Pennsylvania State Background check without disqualifying results.
    •Have filled out the necessary financial aid applications.
    •Have submitted payment for textbooks or have made payment arrangements with the Business Office.
    •Have paid all admission fees.
    •Complete the college assessment test and written entrance exam (EMT-basic level must attain at least 75 % for admission consideration).
    •Successfully complete an oral interview conducted by the Director of Paramedic Training Program or designated program staff.
    •Complete student assessments.
    •Have acquired the Paramedic program uniform. (submit copy of purchase receipt to Program Director)
    •Meet with the Program Medical Director.
    •Submit to urine drug screening during the first week of class and provide proof of negative or “clean” results.


    *Program fees and tuition subject to change.
    The price includes books and tuition. Students may be eligible for financial aid.

    Cost Breakdown:
    Application fee: $115
    *Books and clinical software: $980
    Credentialing Fees: $710
    Tuition ($6,700 per semester): $13,400

    To register or for more information, contact the Paramedic Training Institute at (570) 961-7883, (570) 504-7928 or 1-877-346-3552.