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    Lackawanna College

    Continuing Education

    Advanced Cardiac Life Support

    Advanced Cardiac Life Support, or ACLS, is offered both in conjunction with and independent from the Paramedic Training program. An ACLS course develops student’s core knowledge and skills including working as a group leader; competently directing initial emergency care for respiratory and cardiac arrest; and management of the patient with a pulse including Acute Coronary Syndrome, stroke, and special resuscitative situations.

    ACLS is intended for emergency personnel in intensive care or critical care departments and emergency medical providers. Many healthcare professionals including paramedics, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, as well as students in various disciplines, participate in ACLS training.

    Initial certification requires 16 hours of instruction. Renewal of ACLS requires 8 hours of instruction. Prerequisites for the ACLS include training and/or education in basic rhythm analysis (ECG interpretation) and Basic Life Support (BLS/CPR/AED)*.

    For more information regarding the ACLS program, costs, and the next time courses will be offered, contact Lackawanna College EMS Academy Clinical Coordinator Candace Burcheri at (570) 504-7928 or burcheric@lackawanna.edu.

    *If BLS/CPR/AED is included in your ACLS course, then it is not a prerequisite.