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    Lackawanna College

    Student Affairs

    Student Life

    The Student Life Department offers Lackawanna College students a variety of opportunities that enhance their overall academic experience and foster development of leadership and social skills through an active club network, entertaining programming, and meaningful community service initiatives.

    Student Life is our students’ connection to clubs, organizations, events, programming, activities, community service opportunities, and more.  Student-centered events such as Freshman Orientation, Spring Fling, Homecoming, graduation events, and more are organized through the Student Life Department.

    Students who wish to be involved members of the campus community can get their start with the Student Life Department. For information on any club, organization or activity listed, stop by their office in Suite 105C in Angeli Hall.

    Clubs and organizations

    Current on-campus clubs include:

    The Answer Prayer and Bible Study Club

    The Answer Prayer and Bible Study Club is an ecumenical group of students and staff dedicated to studying Sacred Scripture and prayer.  The club meetings take place in a non-judgmental environment where members can discuss spiritual matters in order to grow closer to the Lord on their journey.  As servants of the Word, the members share their spiritual gifts by uniting in intercessory prayer for the needs of the campus community.

    Creative Arts Club

    The Creative Arts Club offers a creative outlet for students who enjoy the arts: performance, painting, sculpture, photography, creative writing, culinary, and more.  Opportunities for students to showcase talents include online exhibition, displays in the Gallery at Seeley Hall as part of the College’s participation in downtown Scranton’s monthly First Friday events, and participation in student talent shows.

    Culinary & Hospitality Club

    The Culinary & Hospitality Club offers students the opportunity to gain experience in their field and to further their knowledge outside of the classroom.  They also fundraise to support a culinary scholarship they hope to create.  Membership is open to students in all majors.

    Lackawanna College Veterans in Action (LCVIA)

    LCVIA was formed with the mission of allowing student veterans to meet and connect with other student veterans on campus.  In addition to working as a support system, these students are involved in the local community where they work with, and give back to, other veteran’s initiatives.

    Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

    PBL’s purpose is to ignite innovation by bringing business and education together in a positive working relationship through challenging leadership and career development programs.  PBL members compete in state and national level competitions, and membership is open to students of all majors.

    PRIDE (Peace, Respect, Inclusion, Dignity, and Equality)

    PRIDE is a group of caring individuals seeking to carry the message of hope, understanding, and support within the LGBTQ student community. LGBTQ allies are welcome to join.

    Strategic Gaming Club

    The Strategic Gaming Club is an informal club dedicated to bringing together people to learn and enjoy a wide variety of games that require some element of strategic planning.

    Student Education Awareness Team (SEAT)

    SEAT is designed to promote student leadership by utilizing students to provide health and wellness education to their peers. SEAT members help to educate other students through interactive programming, awareness campaigns, distribution of wellness information, and dialogue with peers about issues related to college life.

    Student Government Association (SGA)

    One of the most active groups on campus, the Student Government Association offers students opportunities for development of their leadership skills through interaction with college administrators, community organizations, and other student organizations, both on- and off-campus.  Members also attend a variety of conferences, workshops, and seminars throughout the year.  SGA is the executive and legislative arm of the student body, serves as a liaison between the college’s administration and students, and plays a pivotal role in the planning and coordination of student-centered programming and activities on campus.