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    Lackawanna College

    Student Life

    Advising and Transfer Services

    Faculty Advising

    Strong academic advising is the key to student retention. The best way to keep students enrolled is to keep them stimulated, challenged, and progressing toward a meaningful goal.

    Lackawanna College’s Student Advising Program is based on the premise that there is no substitute for academic advisors who serve as role models and mentors to their students. The academic advising services provided by our faculty and professional staff are some of the most powerful tools available to our students. More than 40 academic advisors are available on campus to make long-lasting connections with students to help them complete their coursework and get on the road to a career or the four-year institution of their choice.

    Our advising program includes two required meetings between advisors and their student advisees each semester, and their availability helps students make the right decisions to meet their education- and career-related goals. Academic advisors are equipped to help students with various educational needs including:

    • Schedule adjustments
    • Withdrawal from a course or from the College
    • Change of major
    • Leave of absence
    • Request for excess of 18 credits (per semester)

    Advising Center

    While there is no substitute for the advisor/advisee connection, students may also visit the Advising Center in Suite 105 of Angeli Hall, which is staffed with two full-time academic advisors who can work with students when assigned academic advisors are not available.

    The Advising Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. during the semester with extended hours during the first week of each semester.

    For more information, please visit the Advising Information page on the student portal.

    Transfer Opportunities

    Graduates of Lackawanna College who wish to continue their education are regularly accepted for transfer into four-year colleges and universities as long as they meet the requirements of the chosen institution. To assist interested students, the Director of Advising and Transfer Services remains in constant contact with representatives from all area colleges, keeps up-to-date information concerning transferability, and coordinates on-campus visits by transfer representatives.

    Lackawanna graduates earning either an Associate in Science degree or an Associate in Arts degree will be admitted to a Pennsylvania State System University upon transfer under the “Academic Passport” program.

    Additionally, articulation agreements are also in place with several private universities

    Transfer Agreements

    Following is some basic information concerning transfer from Lackawanna College to most local colleges and universities:

    Academic Passport

    Lackawanna College participates in the “Academic Passport” program with the 14 universities which comprise the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education:

    Lackawanna students earning either an Associate in Science degree or an Associate in Arts degree will be admitted to a Pennsylvania State System university upon transfer under the “Academic Passport.” Credits earned by Lackawanna graduates transferring with an Associate in Applied Science degree will be individually reviewed and evaluated.

    While the Academic Passport guarantees transfer to any state system university, it only assures admission to the university; it does not guarantee acceptance into a specific program, i.e., education, nursing.

    All application deadlines and program specific requirements apply. Therefore, a candidate should submit an application before the university’s deadline and should be aware of various program requirements.

    Further information regarding the “Academic Passport” privilege is available from the Director of Advising and Transfer Services.

    Albright College

    Lackawanna College graduates will be guaranteed admission into a Bachelor’s Degree program with third-year (junior) status at Albright College provided they satisfy all other Albright College transfer admission requirements. A full-time student admitted with third-year (junior) status to Albright will be able to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in a parallel program at Albright within four regular semesters. Academic scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 may also be available to any Lackawanna graduate with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Visit Albright College

    American Public University System

    American Public University System (APUS), comprised of both American Military University and American Public University, is an online university offering over 50 degree and certificate programs. A flexible weekly schedule with no set class meeting times allows the student to manage work commitments, family life, and study time.

    The purpose of the articulation agreement between APUS and Lackawanna College is to assist Lackawanna graduates of the Criminal Justice (both Counseling and Police tracks) or Environmental Studies (both Policy and Science tracks) degree programs in planning a course of study that will facilitate an effective transfer into the BA – Criminal Justice or the BS – Environmental Studies degree programs at APUS.

    Students graduating from Lackawanna College will be automatically admitted to APUS institutions. Credits will be accepted in transfer in accordance with the transfer templates, which are available for review in the Office of Advising/Transfer Services. Total credit transferred toward a bachelor’s degree cannot exceed 90 semester hours. Lackawanna graduates who wish to enter an APUS program other than one of the programs included in the transfer templates will be subject to usual transfer credit policies of APUS. Visit American Public University System

    Central Penn College

    Located in Summerdale, Pa., Central Penn College will accept a maximum of 62 credits to a Lackawanna College graduate who transfers into a comparable program. Central Penn can fully accommodate graduates from accounting, business, and criminal justice programs either at the Summerdale campus or online. Visit Central Penn College

    East Stroudsburg University

    In addition to Academic Passport privileges, two program-to-program agreements are in place for Lackawanna students interested in transferring to East Stroudsburg University.  Lackawanna graduates transferring with an associate degree in either Criminal Justice (Counseling or Police/Security track) or Sport Management are guaranteed complete transferability into either the bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or the bachelor’s degree in Sport Management at ESU.  Lackawanna College graduates must meet specific program GPA requirements, meet applicable deadlines, and follow the terms and conditions of the agreement. Visit East Stroudsburg University

    Mansfield University

    In addition to Academic Passport privileges, two program-to-program agreements are in place for Lackawanna students interested in transferring to Mansfield University.  Lackawanna graduates transferring with an associate degree in either Criminal Justice (Counseling or Police/Security track) or Business Administration are guaranteed complete transferability into either the bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or the bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Mansfield.  Lackawanna graduates must meet specific program GPA requirements, meet applicable deadlines, and follow the terms and conditions of the agreement. Visit Mansfield University

    Marywood University
    Parallel Bachelor’s Degrees

    A recently signed agreement affords Lackawanna College graduates to transfer to Marywood University as a junior in a parallel articulated bachelor’s degree program, on the condition that they meet the following criteria:

    • Complete a dual admission intent form from Lackawanna’s advising center by the beginning of their third semester or before completing 30 credits
    • Graduate with a minimum GPA as follows
      • Minimum GPA: 2.3
      • Science: 2.5, with a 2.67 in science courses
      • Education, nursing, architecture, or pre-physician studies: 3.0
      • Communication sciences and disorders: 3.0
    • A portfolio is required for all students who wish to pursue a Marywood degree in architecture or art
    • Enroll at Marywood within one year of graduation from Lackawanna.
    • Do not attend another institution between graduating from Lackawanna and enrolling at Marywood.
    • Adhere to Marywood application deadlines.
      • Students must complete their Marywood application and dual admission form at least 60 days prior to the start of their first semester at Marywood.
    • Students must declare a specific major.

    Students must earn a minimum of 42 credits towards their bachelor’s degree at Marywood. Full-time students admitted as juniors will be able to complete their bachelor’s degree at Marywood within four regular semesters.

    Associate in Human Services to Bachelor’s of Social Work to Master’s of Social Work

    A March 2017 agreement between Lackawanna College and Marywood University allows graduates of Lackawanna’s associate degree in Human Services to complete their bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Marywood.

    Subject to the agreement, a student who completes their associate degree at Lackawanna with a 2.5 GPA or above will be granted admission to Marywood and have credits with a “C” grade or better accepted for transfer.

    • A minimum of 121 credits is required for an undergraduate degree in Social Work at Marywood.
    • Transfer students following this articulation must complete a minimum of 30 credits at Marywood.
    • Students must maintain a 2.33 GPA in their major, and a 2.0 overall GPA in order to graduate from Marywood.
    • This agreement is to be used as a guide only. Marywood cannot guarantee that the needed courses will be offered in a given semester.
    • Marywood estimates that a student can earn their bachelor’s degree in two years (a minimum of four semesters) provided that they follow the articulation agreement and utilizes dual enrollment in the last year of attendance at Lackawanna.
    • Students must meet all deadlines for application to Marywood, payment of fees, and other deadlines that apply to new students.
    • Students shall choose the recommended elective courses and course sequences as shown on the articulation agreement.
    • Students must not attend another institution of higher education between graduating from Lackawanna and enrolling at Marywood.

    Further, students who transfer from Lackawanna utilizing the dual enrollment articulation agreement are able to complete the Master’s of Social Work program (full-time) three years after their matriculation at Marywood. While in the bachelor’s program, students earning a “B” or better in all social work courses are able to earn up to 21 credits toward their master’s degree. All dual enrollment credits must be completed before students graduate from Lackawanna.

    Visit Marywood University

    Misericordia University

    Students graduating from Lackawanna College who apply to a comparable four-year program at Misericordia University will normally be required to earn no more than 66 additional credits to complete their baccalaureate degree. Visit Misericordia University

    Keystone College

    Several program-specific articulation agreements exist with Keystone:

    • A.A.S. in Accounting into B.S. degree in Accounting
    • A.S. in Business Administration into B.S. degree in Business
    • A.A. in Communication Arts into B.A. degree in Communication Arts & Humanities
    • A.S. in Criminal Justice (both Counseling and Police/Security tracks) into B.S. degree in Criminal Justice
    • A.S. in Environmental Science into B.S. degree in Environmental Resource Management
    • A.S. in Hospitality Management into B.S. degree in Hospitality Business Management.
    • A.S. in Sport Management into B.S. degree in Sport & Recreational Management

    Depending on specific program requirements, students will need to complete between 62 and 71 additional credits at Keystone to complete a baccalaureate degree. Visit Keystone College

    Saint Joseph's University (online degree completion)

    Through a partnership agreement with Saint Joseph’s University (SJU), Lackawanna College students can begin their studies in Liberal Studies or Business Administration and complete their bachelor’s degree through SJU’s online degree completion program (B.S. in Professional and Liberal Studies with a concentration in Organizational Development and Leadership).

    Saint Joseph’s University will offer Lackawanna College students that are accepted into this program a 10% tuition reduction scholarship toward their studies. The scholarship is awarded to any student who is in good standing and endorsed by Lackawanna and is accepted into the online degree completion program. Recipients must agree to SJU’s academic integrity policy and maintain a 2.5 grade point average to remain qualified.

    For more information, visit the Lackawanna College page on Saint Joseph’s website.

    Temple University

    Students in one of the following 14 majors can complete Temple’s general education requirements upon graduation from Lackawanna under the GenEd-to-GenEd transfer agreement, effective Spring 2016:

    Lackawanna students may be required to take certain electives in order to have their associate degree comply completely with the agreement. The GenEd-to-GenEd plan also allows for other Lackawanna degrees to become eligible for transfer in the future upon the mutual approval of both institutions.

    The agreement makes Lackawanna College the only institution in Lackawanna County to offer such a broad agreement with Temple.

    For more information, visit the Lackawanna College page on Temple’s website.

    University of Pittsburgh

    The University of Pittsburgh College of General Studies (CGS) will accept 60 transfer credits for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in administration of justice from Lackawanna College’s criminal justice program (either Counseling or Police track). A grade of “C” or better is required for transferability.

    University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

    Lackawanna College recently signed a transfer agreement with the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford to allow Lackawanna students to automatically enroll in Pitt-Bradford’s bachelor degree programs if they meet certain criteria. Students must have completed their first two years (or 60 credits) at Lackawanna before transferring. Lackawanna courses have been paired with Pitt-Bradford courses that will automatically transfer without a separate review.

    Located in northwestern Pennsylvania three hours north of Pittsburgh, Pitt-Bradford is a regional college of the University of Pittsburgh. Popular transfer programs include business management, criminal justice, communication, and psychology. More than 94% of their students receive financial aid, and unique transfer scholarships are available for qualified students. Visit the University of Pittsburg at Bradford

    University of Scranton

    The University of Scranton and Lackawanna College entered a Memorandum of Understanding in February 2017 to facilitate the admission of Lackawanna students to the University. Lackawanna students will be eligible for admission into a parallel articulated bachelor’s degree program at the University with third year (junior) status provided that the following criteria is met:

    • Students must graduate from Lackawanna in good standing with an associate degree and minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75. Some major programs of study may require a higher GPA.
    • Students must enter the University within one year of their degree conferral at Lackawanna.
    • Students cannot attend another institution of higher education between the time of their graduation from Lackawanna and entry into the University. Only eligible credits, as determined by the University and earned at Lackawanna, are transferrable under this program.
    • Students must adhere to the University’s application requirements. Lackawanna graduates applying to the University through this agreement must complete a University admissions application to be submitted at least 60 days prior to the start of their first semester and meet all acceptance criteria established by the University.
    • Students must select a specific major and may not register as undeclared.
    • Lackawanna students accepted to the University under the memorandum will be required to meet the University degree requirements for their declared major in effect at the time of their University matriculation.
    • A full-time student admitted with third year status to the University should be able to complete a bachelor’s degree at the University within four regular semesters provided they have completed the appropriate associate degree program requirements at Lackawanna. Exceptions to this are programs with extended internships and clinical experiences.
    • Students who have previously matriculated at the University are not eligible for the memorandum of understanding.

    Additionally, as part of the agreement:

    • Full-time students from Lackawanna with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher will be considered for a merit scholarship with a minimum value of $10,000 annually. Non-traditional students enrolled on a per-credit basis may also be considered for merit scholarship. Merit scholarships, once awarded, may be renewed each year if a student maintains a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the University.
    • Students transferring into the University are required to complete a minimum of 63 credits from the University in order for a bachelor’s degree to be awarded.
    • Students accepted through this memorandum but not yet matriculate may have the option to register for a maximum of 9 credit hours in courses offered by the University at a 50% discounted tuition rate. These courses must be applied to their degree program at the University and must be approved by the respective Dean’s Office at the University.

    For further information, contact Lackawanna’s Director of Advising Barb Nowogorski.

    Visit the University of Scranton

    Widener University

    Lackawanna College and Widener University have agreed to a correlation of their curricula for students who earn an associate degree in Hospitality Management at Lackawanna College and wish to complete the bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management at Widener.

    Lackawanna students who satisfactorily complete the requirements of the AS degree in Hospitality Management will be granted admission to Widener University and will have credits earned (with a grade of C or better) accepted for transfer into the BS in Hospitality Management based on the articulation agreement equivalency.

    Specific terms and conditions apply; students interested in more detailed information should contact the Director of Advising/Transfer Services.

    Students who wish to transfer to Widener prior to obtaining their associate degree must submit their official transcript for a course-by-course evaluation. Visit Widener University

    Wilkes University

    A Wilkes University Transfer Guide is available to assist Lackawanna College students in planning a course of study and maximizing transfer credits. The guide provides a course-by-course transfer conversion and does not encompass any particular degree program. Guides are available in the Office of Advising and Transfer Services. Visit Wilkes University