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    Lackawanna College



    Freshman Scholarships

    Academic Achievement Scholarship

    The Lackawanna College Academic Achievement Scholarship is available to any student entering Lackawanna College who has a combined SAT scores (critical reading, math, and writing) of 1500 or more.

    William R. Fitzsimmons Scholarship

    This scholarship is named in honor of William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions at Harvard College (undergraduate college of Harvard University), who was the commencement speaker at Lackawanna College in 2006. In his address, Mr. Fitzsimmons spoke of the importance of a college education, and access to an education to all students, regardless of socioeconomic background. Under Fitzsimmons’ leadership, Harvard College recently developed an innovative program which allows qualified students to attend Harvard tuition-free if their parents’ income is under $40,000. In lieu of receiving a speaker’s fee for his commencement address, Mr. Fitzsimmons graciously donated his honorarium to start the William R. Fitzsimmons Scholarship. Additional private donors have contributed to this fund in the spirit of providing access to educational opportunities at Lackawanna College.

    Lackawanna College Community Opportunity Scholarship

    The Lackawanna College Community Opportunity Scholarships were established in 2013 as part of the larger effort by the College to better service students from the Northeast Pennsylvania region. These Lackawanna College sponsored scholarships will be awarded annually to students from communities surrounding all Lackawanna College locations. With these new scholarships, Lackawanna College hopes to afford local commuter students the opportunity to complete their academic aspirations without incurring the burden of student loans. This award will be granted annually to the 14 most deserving individuals.

    Consideration for these awards will include academic potential, participation in both extracurricular and community service activities as well as other variables as best exemplified by the applicant. Each applicant will be asked to explain in their application essay why they are deserving of this award and how it will impact and/or assist their future plans. All applicants from this award must be accepted and fully processed as a Lackawanna College student and must have completed the FAFSA and other required financial aid paperwork by the application deadline in order to be eligible for the award. Eligible candidates must have graduated from one of the specified high schools as indicated on the application.

    The amount of the award is each student’s tuition balance after all need based financial aid (grants only) has been applied to the student’s account. This scholarship is for fall and spring semester tuition only and is limited to two academic years.

    Applicants must submit the application to the Lackawanna College Admissions Office or appropriate Satellite Center, along with required materials by the application deadline.

    Selected students will be notified shortly after the May 1 deadline.

    Complete your application online or download the Community Opportunity Scholarship application form for:

    Lackawanna College Family Scholarship

    The Lackawanna College Family Scholarship is awarded annually to a first semester freshman from Pennsylvania with significant family financial need. Applicants must have an annual adjusted gross income of $35,000 or less to be eligible. All potential candidates must file their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before the April 30 deadline to be considered.

    Jane MacKenzie Scholarship

    The Jane MacKenzie Scholarship is an annual scholarship awarded in honor of Jane MacKenzie, an alumnus of Lackawanna Business College and benefactor of Lackawanna College. Jane also spent many years serving as the business manager of the Century Club, which established this scholarship in her memory. This scholarship is designed to promote Business Education, assist the selected student with college expenses, and encourage high academic achievement.

    Nancy McSweeney Pink Scholarship

    The Nancy McSweeney Pink Scholarship shall be distributed per academic year to a deserving full-time freshman. The scholarship was founded by Brenda Gael McSweeney, PhD., who served as the College’s 2007 Commencement Speaker. The scholarship is named in honor of her sister, Nancy, an educator whose own college education began in a two-year private college comparable to Lackawanna College. Recognizing the importance of accessibility and affordability that private, two-year colleges provide, Dr. McSweeney created this scholarship as a tribute to the positive impact that Nancy’s alma mater provided in her undergraduate education. The scholarship is a stipend to be used for educational costs at the student’s discretion, such as books, computer equipment or supplies.

    Scranton Central High School Scholarship

    The Scranton Central High School Scholarship was established in 1993 under the sales agreement for the purchase of the Central High School building from the Scranton School District. This Lackawanna College sponsored scholarship is awarded annually to two incoming freshman from Scranton High School and two incoming freshman from West Scranton High School.

    James F. Swift Scholarship

    The James F. Swift Scholarship was established 2003 through the Scranton Area Foundation to assist students in pursuit of their post-secondary educational goals. The 20 annual scholarship awards are available to Lackawanna County High School Seniors who demonstrate strong academic achievement, citizenship and service to others, and significant financial need. Eligible candidates must be students from a Lackawanna County public, private or charter high school and plan on attending an accredited two- or four-year college or university in Lackawanna County.

    The Betty and Jim Welby Memorial Scholarship

    The Betty and Jim Welby Memorial Scholarship was established by family and friends in 2011. James Welby, a 1947 graduate of Lackawanna College had a successful career with the United States Postal Service and took great pride in community involvement. He continued with his education at the University of Scranton and received a Bachelor’s Degree. Betty Welby was a long time member, volunteer, and employee of St. Ann’s Basilica Parish in West Scranton. Mr. & Mrs. Welby were survived by 13 children. This scholarship is awarded to a deserving full-time freshman in financial need. Preference will be given to a member of Scranton’s St. Ann’s Basilica Parish or a graduate of West Scranton High School.

    Sophomore Scholarships

    Lackawanna College offers a variety of merit and financial aid scholarships. Most of these second-year scholarships were founded by donors in memory or honor of individuals who attended or were part of Lackawanna’s history.

    The Margaret Briggs Foundation Scholarship

    The Margaret Briggs Foundation Scholarship is awarded to a student who has graduated from a Lackawanna County high school and maintains good academic standing at Lackawanna College.

    The Joseph J. Costa Memorial Scholarship

    The Joseph J. Costa Memorial Scholarship was established by Mr. Costa’s family to honor a student who exhibits good citizenship and leadership aptitude, and maintains strong academic standing entering his or her second year at Lackawanna College.

    The Mary Kazinetz Krause Scholarship

    The Mary Kazinetz Krause Scholarship was established in memory of Ms. Krause, a 1935 graduate of Lackawanna Business College. Awards are given to Business majors in good academic standing.

    The Robert Legg Evening Student Scholarship

    The Robert Legg Evening Student Scholarship was established in honor of Mr. Legg, a 1982 graduate who received an Associate in Science, Business Administration from Lackawanna Junior Business College after an honorable discharge from the United States Army. Mr. Legg felt that education, at any age, was pinnacle for our society to function and to better one’s life. This scholarship is awarded to a part time evening student who has completed a minimum of 12 credits and is in good academic standing.

    The Paul J. Miller, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

    The Paul J. Miller, Jr. Memorial scholarship shall be distributed per academic year to a deserving full-time sophomore in good academic standing. Preference is given to eligible applicants who reflect Paul’s interests, such as students who major in criminal justice or play on the baseball team at Lackawanna College. The Paul J. Miller, Jr. Memorial scholarship fund has been established in honor of Mr. Miller by neighbors, friends and family. Paul graduated from Lackawanna College in 2008 with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. He had been pursuing a bachelors degree in criminal justice at East Stroudsburg University and was awarded his Bachelors Degree posthumously. This scholarship is a stipend to be used as a supplement for tuition or for educational costs, such as books.

    The Becky Pocius Scholarship

    The Becky Pocius Scholarship was established in Becky’s memory by her parents, Leonard and Eileen Pocius. Becky was an honors student and athlete at Scranton Central. The scholarship is awarded to a second-year female student athlete in excellent academic standing.

    The UPS Scholarship

    The UPS Scholarship was established through the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and is funded annually by donations from UPS. Students with at least 24 credits are eligible to apply.