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    Lackawanna College


    Business Administration

    Degree information

    The management tract of the Business Administration curriculum has been designed for students desiring to acquire a broad background in business, commerce and industry. The program is particularly recommended for students preparing for a supervisory or marketing position. Students contemplating transfer to a four-year institution and planning to major in a business-related discipline also frequently follow this curriculum.


    Business Administration students will:

    • Prepare for a career in business management by applying fundamental management theories and techniques that illustrate their application.
    • Identify the financial reporting and tracking systems most commonly utilized by companies today.
    • Analyze business promotion through advertising, marketing, textbook study, field trips, and team projects.
    • Identify all aspects of the employment process, including interviewing, hiring, determination of benefit packages, evaluation, voluntary and involuntary termination, and severance plans.
    • Recognize the global perspective on business principles and practices by investigating multi-national and foreign companies and markets.
    • Use technology to sharpen skills through study of management information systems, macro-economics, and statistics.

    Essential Business Skills

    Students will:

    • Master management theories and techniques and apply them to today’s business environment
    • Become proficient in reading and interpreting financial data as these apply to a firm’s profitability
    • Learn the technique of writing a marketing plan and presenting it before team stakeholders
    • Become skilled in interviewing and putting together incentive packages to draw the best and the brightest to a company
    • Be attuned to the new “global economy,”demonstrate sensitivity to diverse cultures, and master techniques that will help a domestic company start to compete internationally
    • Learn best methods of assimilating information and transforming it into verbal and statistical reports essential for managers
    • Master E-Commerce concepts and skills and apply them liberally

    View the curriculum guide (for students beginning in Fall 2014).

    Business Administration degrees are available in Scranton, Hazleton, and the Lake Region.

    Beginning in Fall 2014, a business degree with a concentration on the petroleum and natural gas industry will be available through the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas.