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    Lackawanna College



    Degree information

    The Entrepreneurship degree program at Lackawanna College introduces students to the principles of marketing, management, accounting, human resources, and international business. Students completing the degree will be well prepared to understand the importance of promotion and public relations, how to develop and fulfill a successful business plan, effective staff management, the foreign environmental forces that affect business, and more.


    The Entrepreneurship Program is designed to equip students with the knowledge they need to start a successful small business. Focusing on the fundamentals, students learn about important legal, financial, and practical issues faced by modern start-ups. Many classes are taught by successful local businesspeople that are able to give first-hand accounts of the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial world. The program also relies heavily on practical application of skills, culminating in students running their own small business.

    • Examine the role of the entrepreneur in a complex society and prepare the student to deal with the instability of a constantly changing contemporary life.
    • To provide students with the basic knowledge of the business concepts necessary to start a small business in today’s competitive market.
    • To familiarize students with important legal, financial, and practical issues faced by entrepreneurs.
    • Recognize the importance of ethics and values in entrepreneurial activities.
    • To conceptualize, design, and operate a new business venture.

    View the curriculum guide (for students beginning in Fall 2015) – PDF