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    Communication Arts

    Degree Information

    The Communication Arts option is designed to introduce students to all aspects of the media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, books, internet, television, and film. It also examines the growing interrelationships among these various media outlets.

    Essential background theory on state-of-the-art technologies and trends in communications will be studied to provide students with a complete understanding of all media forms and techniques.

    Communication Arts majors are required to assume leadership roles in activities including college video productions.


    In the Communication Arts and Media Technology major, students will:

    • Experience the balances of philosophy and applied skills in many fields of media communication
    • Work as technically proficient, artists, and professionals who combine history, theory, aesthetics, analysis, and social vision in video productio
    • Understand the planning, scripting, shooting, and editing a media production
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the technical aspects of the video camera, lighting for video, audio recording, videotape recording and editing
    • Demonstrate a basic level of skill in using the video camera, various kinds of microphones, a lighting kit and editing systems
    • Demonstrate a knowledge, understanding and skill in the use of television studio production and audio production elements
    • Develop production of multimedia projects using various computer software programs
    • Become socially and politically active through partnerships with local cultural groups, non-profit entities, and community media and technology organizations
    • Be involved with collaborative projects involving their classmates and the college community
    • Experience the balances of philosophy and applied skills in many fields of media communication
    • Be prepared effective communicators in varied professional, public fields
    • Be skilled, effective, communicators who understand the effects and responsibilities of media
    • Research, and analyze the social, legal, political, historical, and economic factors that influence the media and the media’s influence on society
    • Have a solid foundation to enter the diverse areas of communication workforce or to pursue baccalaureate studies in any field relating to communication arts

    Examples of outcomes assessments

    • Completion of media project outlining media and everyday use or effect in students’ lives
    • Participation in course and college productions
    • Completion of a media project or internship
    • Develop a skills paper in Interpersonal Communication outlining and analyzing students’ own interpersonal strengths and weaknesses
    • Create and design a public relations plan including research needed, construction and implementation of a public relations plan, and evaluation of the plan’s success
    • Required college portfolio project demonstrating students’ knowledge and application skills

    View the curriculum guide (for students beginning in Fall 2018) – PDF

    The Communication Arts and Media Technology degree is offered exclusively to students at the Scranton campus.