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    Lackawanna College


    Majors and Certificates

    Courses of Study

    Aviation Management (S)
    Business Administration
    Business Studies
    Cardiac Sonography (S)
    Communication Arts and Media Technology (S)
    Computer Information Systems
    Criminal Justice – Counseling
    Criminal Justice – Police/Security
    Culinary Arts (S)
    Diagnostic Medial Sonography (S)
    Early Childhood Education (Pre K-4)
    Education (4-8 or 8-12)
    Emergency Medical Services (S)
    Entrepreneurship (S)
    Environmental Science (S)
    Hospitality Management (L, S)
    Human Services
    Liberal Studies
    Petroleum & Natural Gas Compression (N-PNG)
    Petroleum & Natural Gas Technology (N-PNG)
    Petroleum & Natural Gas Measurement (N-PNG)
    Petroleum & Natural Gas Business Administration (N-PNG)
    Physical Therapist Assistant (L)
    Pre-Allied Health (S)
    Psychology (S, T)
    Recreation and Sport Management (L)
    Sport Management
    Surgical Technology (T)
    Sustainable Agriculture (L)
    Vascular Sonography (S)

    • Degrees only offered at specified locations: (H) Hazleton, (L) Lake Region, (N-PNG) New Milford – School of Petroleum and Natural Gas, (S) Scranton, (T) Towanda.

    Specialized Certificates
    Paramedic Training Institute – under construction
    Pre-Employment Training Institute – under construction
    Police Academy / ACT 120 – under construction

    Core Curriculum

    The following courses fulfill our Core Curriculum requirements:

    • College Writing (ENG 105) – 3 credits

    • Effective Speaking (COM 125) – 3 credits

    • College Algebra, Math of Finance, or Math Reasoning (for Business Majors), or Intro to Statistics and Data Analysis – 3 credits

    • Computer Information Systems elective – 3 credits

    • Humanities elective -3 credits
    • Literature, Philosophy, or Fine Arts; or Business Communications (ENG115) for Business majors

    • Social Science elective – 3 credits
    • Intro to Psychology, World History, Economics, or Intro to Sociology

    • Natural Science or Laboratory Science elective – 3 credits

    • Diversity/Global Studies elective – 3 credits
    • Cultural Anthropology, Foreign Language, American Minority Groups, Multiculturalism, or Sport in American Society

    • Ethics elective – 3 credits

    Total core curriculum requirements range from 18 to 27 credits depending upon the degree program. The Curriculum Guide for degree program includes a listing of its required core courses.