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    Lackawanna College


    Academic Support Labs

    Tutorial support services aid students in all college courses related to reading, writing, analysis, and all levels of college mathematics. Tutoring is offered to individual students and to small groups of students. Students may sign up for tutoring sessions using the appointment sheets posted in each lab.


    Reading/Writing Lab
    Angeli Hall, Room 110B
    Beverly O’Hora, Writing Lab Coordinator


    Math Tutoring Lab
    Angeli Hall, Room 103
    Donald Korinda, Math Lab Coordinator


    Tutoring in other courses is available through the College’s Retention Services.

    Developmental Education

    Lackawanna College is committed to giving each student the opportunity to succeed in the classroom and discover their passion as they pursue their degree.

    Academic Development coursework is designed to provide students who may require additional instruction with the basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills they will need to find success at the college level.

    Development coursework is considered a prerequisite before any additional courses may be taken in the corresponding area. Academic Development courses receive institutional credit only.

    Academic Requirements and Recommendations

    This course prepares students to succeed in upper level writing courses. A basic review of grammar is coupled with extensive practice in sentence recognition and development. Special emphasis is placed on paragraph development techniques, sentence structure, usage and language mechanics.

    This course is designed to develop fundamental reading skills through extensive practice in order to increase the student’s ability to read efficiently and critically, improve vocabulary, and make inferences from what is read.

    This course reinforces basic arithmetic skills while introducing some fundamental algebraic concepts in preparation for college-level math. Concepts and skills are developed through the integration of algebra and arithmetic problem-solving applications.

    Students may not withdraw from a DEV course without the permission of the Director of Developmental Education.

    Conditional Acceptance Program

    Lackawanna College offers an alternative enrollment program for students with certain academic needs called the Conditional Acceptance Program (CAP). This program assists students who are below the nationally normed “ability to benefit” level based on their Accuplacer scores, standardized test scores and high school transcript data.

    Students in CAP are given an opportunity to enhance their reading, writing and math skills. CAP allows students to complete the College’s Developmental coursework before enrolling in any follow-up classes. Due to its conditional nature, students enrolled under CAP will not be eligible for financial aid and are not considered full-time students until they successfully complete the program.